Tailored Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids


Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection
Based on your hearing loss, finances and communicative needs, you, together with the Audiologist will identify what type, style and size of hearing aid will be most beneficial, affordable and cosmetically appealing for you. You can either decide to purchase the hearing aid/s once the most appropriate aid has been selected, otherwise you will have the opportunity to test them out before you buy them. This can be done through a trial fitting.
Trial Fitting of Hearing Aids
If you are interested in getting hearing aids but you are not sure if they will be of benefit to you, you have the option to trial hearing aids for up to 3 weeks. The aid will be programmed according to your hearing loss and communicative needs and this will give you the perfect opportunity to identify whether they do in fact make a big difference.
Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Ups:
Once you are happy with your selection, we will program the hearing aid/s according to your hearing loss, age, gender and communicative needs. All hearing aids are programmed by means of a hearing aid fitting software. This means that the hearing aid is set for YOU and only you as it will be programmed to your specific needs and preferences. At the initial fitting, you will be given an in-depth orientation as to how to use, take care of and clean the hearing aids. Your Audiologist will also recommend you to insure the hearing aids.

When fitted with a hearing aid for the first time, there will be a period of adjustment required as the brain needs to re-learn sounds that have never been heard or heard for a while. Once you have adapted to the hearing aid and new sounds around you (i.e. birds tweeting, traffic noise, wind etc.), it may be necessary to adjust or “fine-tune” the hearing aid settings, so as to make it most suitable and pleasurable for you. This will be done by the Audiologist on the Hearing Aid fitting software. Hearing Aid settings can be changed all the time. If you go home and find that the aid is too loud or some sounds are too sharp for example, the Audiologist will be able to change the settings and change it to a setting that is more comfortable for you.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing
If your hearing aid is faulty, we will send it to the Hearing Aid Manufacturer where it will be repaired. This usually takes about 2-3 working days. The repair will be covered free of charge if it is still under warranty and if the damage is not due to negligence.

We suggest that you have your hearing aids serviced on an annual basis. This will entail a clean and check and possible repair if needs be. A quote will be sent to you before any work is done if it out of the warranty period.

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