Please Note: we charge Medical Aid rates

The following services are available at Kirsten McLeod Audiology:

1. Comprehensive Hearing Assessments
A variety of tests will be carried out by your Audiologist in order to identify and diagnose the type and severity of your hearing loss. Once the various tests have been carried out, the Audiologist will have a good idea of how good or poor your hearing is and if there is any need for a referral to another specialist, i.e. GP or ENT. If there is a hearing loss present and no further management from a doctor is required, the option of hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices will be discussed.
2. Screening Assessments
  • Newborn, infant and school-aged Hearing Screening
  • Industrial baseline screening as well as Follow-up screening
3. Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection
Based on your hearing loss, age and communicative needs, we will identify what type, style and size of hearing aid will be most beneficial, affordable and aesthetically pleasing for you. There are options available for all ages and all budgets!
4. Trial Fitting of Hearing Aids
If you are interested in getting a hearing aid but you are not sure if it will be of benefit to you, you have the option to trial hearing aids for up to 2 weeks. The aid will be programmed according to your hearing loss and communicative needs. This is the perfect opportunity to identify whether they will be beneficial for you and for your lifestyle. See more under the Trial Hearing Aids Menu.
5. Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow-Ups
Once you are happy with your selection, we will program a new hearing aid/s according to your hearing loss, age, gender and communicative needs. All hearing aids are programmed by means of a hearing aid fitting software. This means that the hearing aid is set for you and only you as it will be programmed to your audiogram, specific needs and preferences. At the initial fitting, you will be given an in-depth orientation as to how to use, take care of and clean the hearing aids. Your Audiologist will also recommend you to insure the hearing aids.
6. Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing

If your hearing aid is faulty, we will send it to the Hearing Aid Manufacturer where it will be repaired. This usually takes no more than 3 working days.

We suggest that you have your hearing aids serviced on an annual basis. This will entail a clean and check and possible repair if needs be. If the hearing aid is under warranty, the service will be done free of charge. If it needs servicing when out of the warranty, there will be a charge. This will be communicated with you before anything is done. Hearing aids generally hold a two to three year warranty and a one year International warranty.

7. Hearing Aid Connectivity
Your hearing aids can be paired to various wireless devices, i.e. for TV, landline, cellphone, computer, iPod, Skype etc. This allows for much easier communication as the sound will be streamed directly through your hearing aids. Your Audiologist will discuss the different options with you and show you how to set up and use them.
8. Tinnitus Evaluation and Counselling
If you have a ringing/buzzing/whistling noise in your ears, you have something called Tinnitus. It may or may not be bothersome to you; however, I will help you to overcome this annoyance by means of sound stimulation (i.e. hearing aids) and / or counselling.
9. Custom-Made Ear Protection

Customised Ear Plugs can be made for noisy environments, shooting, motorcycling, sleeping and swimming to name a few.

Noise plugs: Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss today and it is therefore crucial that one wears hearing protection, i.e. ear plugs when being exposed to noise. Not only are those exposed to noise in the mining or engineering fields at risk, but so are those who listen to their iPods all day as well as those who regularly attend music concerts.

Sleep plugs: Do you battle to sleep because of someone snoring or the neighbour’s dogs barking? These customized sleep plugs are soft and comfortable so that you can have a brilliant nights rest.

Swim plugs: Children and often adults, experience recurrent ear infections when they are exposed to water. If you or your child swim and experience this problem, swim plugs will prevent this from happening.

10. Accessories to Purchase
Batteries, receivers, domes, cleaning tools and multi-purpose tools needed for hearing aids can be purchased at my practice.
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