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Kirsten Mcleod Audiologist

Kirsten Mcleod Audiologist

It can be tough to follow what others are saying if you’re at a busy restaurant or in a generally noisy environment.  The effort required to keep up with what friends are saying can also cause tiredness and it becomes easier to simply pretend that you can hear what they’re saying. This kind of experience can leave anyone feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood. Gladly, you are not the only one!

Hearing loss is a completely natural occurrence that most people will experience at some point. It can be hereditary or happen suddenly/ gradually over time.

The two most common causes of hearing loss are the natural aging process and noise exposure. Fortunately, with modern technology and the assistance of an audiologist, help is possible in 95% of cases where people experience hearing loss.

At Kirsten McLeod Audiology, my goal is to help you or a loved one overcome the many challenges faced when hearing loss occurs. I want to make sure that you are fully able to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively while leading a normal life.

I believe that if we address ALL of the factors affecting and/or contributing to your hearing difficulties, I can improve the way that you hear, communicate and interact in all of your listening environments. I want you to be able to communicate optimally without allowing hearing difficulties to hinder your day-to-day life.

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