Custom Made Ear Protection

Custom Made Ear Protection

Customised Ear Plugs
can be made for noisy working environments, concerts, shooting, sleeping and swimming among others. They are made specifically to fit your ears.

Noise Plugs
Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss today and it is therefore crucial that one wears hearing protection, i.e. ear plugs when being exposed to noise. Not only are those exposed to noise in the mining or engineering fields at risk, but so are those who listen to their iPods all day as well as those who regularly attend music concerts.



Shooting Plugs
Are you someone who likes to go shooting? Have you ever considered the detrimental effects of such a loud sound firing off next to your ear? It is absolutely crucial to have specific shooting plugs for this activity. One gun shot can cause sudden permanent hearing loss.

Sleep Plugs
Do you battle to sleep because of someone snoring or the neighbour’s dogs barking? These customized sleep plugs are soft and comfortable so that you can have a brilliant nights rest.

Swim Plugs
Children and often adults, experience recurrent ear infections when they are exposed to water. If you or your child swim and experience this problem, swim plugs will prevent this from happening.

Book an appointment and see what will be most suitable for your needs.

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