Ear Plugs/Protection

Ear Plugs / Hearing Protection

  • Do you work in a noisy environment?
  • Do you play in a band or enjoy going to concerts regularly?
  • Do you battle to sleep because your partner snores?
  • Do you have children who suffer from regular ear infections due to being in the water?
  • Do you like to go shooting or do you like riding motorcycles?

If any of the above questions are applicable to you or someone you may know, I have a solution for you!

Due to the fact that these ear plugs are custom made, it provides a sealed fit which therefore prevents damaging noise or water from going into the ear. You do not have to be concerned about not being able to hear someone speaking to you whilst you have the ear plugs in your ears, as they will only attenuate/block out the damaging noise, whilst maintaining your ability to understand speech. Ear protection such as foam plugs, don’t provide a sealed fit as it is a “one size fits all” method. One therefore has to be very careful as to what form of ear protection is used, for example: ear plugs bought off a shelf.

Why we need hearing protection?

When it comes to hearing, very few people realize the importance of protecting their hearing. On average, 30% of the population are exposed to high noise levels during work or play, of which one third will suffer from occupational deafness by the time they retire. Before they actually become aware of their hearing loss there is a decrease in work efficiency, they get agitated, frustrated, aggressive, depressed, they feel more isolated from the community and tend to become withdrawn from society. Family conflicts frequently occur and some become paranoid. Physical changes can occur like higher blood pressure and increased heart-rate. Risks of arthritis and cancer can also increase. Not only does their hearing-loss affect them, but physically and psychologically they struggle to get along with society.

Ear plugs/protection have been successfully fitted to:

– Pilots, miners, music band members, motorcyclists, hunters, target shooting participants, industry and factory workers, office workers, DJs and club goers, sheet metal and wood workers, sporting enthusiasts.

– Other products available: Sleep plugs, Swim plugs, Musician in-ear monitors.

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Lucy        Mark

My cousin’s children (Lucy and Mark) with their funky coloured swim plugs

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